A new page - 02/12/2022

It's been a while (I've been busy) but I wanted to add a new page where I can list my other web-based projects. There's only one actual thing listed there at the moment though so I'd better start working on some of the other things I've been considering doing so that I can pad out the list! I'm also working on a page for some of my Spotify playlists, but that's not ready yet, and I've made a couple of general minor tweaks too.

I'll try not to go so long without an update this time, but it is a particularly treacherous time of year for my species so no promises!

- [???]

Static mode - 20/08/2022

Continuing my efforts to make this website as accessible as possible, I've implemented a "static" mode. Anyone who's set their device to request minimal animation will see all animated gifs replaced with static images, inclusing the background. This is solely based on system/device settings for now but I'm hoping to implement a toggle in the future so that it's available for people who are not using these settings but would still like to disable the animations.

Before that though, im focusing on bringing in a "light" mode for the website that users can turn on and off at-will. I'd like to eventually have other display modes available as well but light mode is the priority at the moment.

- [???]

Guest comments - 14/08/2022

A small one today! I've added a guestbook so that visitors can leave comments and things. You can find a link to it in the navigation sidebar off to the left there. Please use it as frequently as you like! It would be very helpful for my continued research into Human communication and internet customs It would be very nice to hear from you :)

I'm nowhere near ready to start dealing with coding my own so I'm using the third party 123guestbook.com service. This does mean that there are ads (although I mean you should be using an adblocker why aren't you using an adblocker you really should get one if only for your own sanity's sake), and I'm more limited with my customisation options, but that's a worthy price for not having to make my own guestbook from scratch. Messing around with databases is not something I want to do at the moment. Maybe I'll make a custom guestbook at some point far in the future but not today!

- [???]

A new name! - 08/08/2022

I've changed a few things today but the biggest update is to my username! I've changed it from araliaceae to cosmologistics and so, of course, my webside domain has changed too.

I've also taken the time to separate out the code for my sidebars, header, and footer, to make editing them a little more streamlined (i.e. I just have to edit one file rather than every single individual page) and I've added alt text to the "buttons" in the right sidebar.

- [???]

Semantic update - 02/07/22

A quick one today! Updated to use semantic html as part of ongoing work on accessiblity.

- [???]

A new website! - 17/06/22

Hey so this is my website! Welcome! You can find information specifically about me on my About page!

I'm not really sure what I'm doing because pretty much my only experience with html and css before starting this site was customising my Tumblr theme. I wanted to try and actually learn this stuff properly but every time I tried an online course I got bored very quickly so I decided to just dive in with a project. I'm coding this site from scratch so it's starting off very simple and hopefully it'll get more complex over time. I'm not quite sure what sort of stuff to add to it yet but I'm sure things will come up organically. It's been great fun so far!

Now that I've got the basics up and running, I think my next goal is to try and make this site as accessible as possible. I think it's important to practice accessible web-design and it's better to build a website with that in mind than to try to shove it in after the fact. I decided to ignore it up until now just because I wanted to get familiar with the basic concepts of html and css and to get a framework in place to build from. Now that I have that, it's important that I course-correct and incorperate accessible design principles and practices before gonig any further.

Anyway! I hope you enojy my site so far and that you'll continue to as I work on building it up. Until next time!

- [???]